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Name:Loki Odinson
Birthdate:Jan 1

Loki was discovered by Odin abandoned in a temple in Jötunheim. Taking pity on the Frost Giant’s baby, he took Loki back to Asgard and raised him as his own son along with Thor. His childhood was a privileged one as the second son of the Allfather though Loki became acquainted with envy and jealousy at an early age. In his eyes, his brother Thor was the favored one and Loki grew up in the shadow of his brother. Where Thor excelled in fighting and brute strength, Loki discovered a talent for magic and illusion. Together, the brothers and the Warriors Three were an unstoppable force.

It was Loki who engineered the Frost Giant’s entrance to Asgard in order to ruin Thor’s coronation ceremony and when his brother flew into a rage against all Frost Giants, Loki accompanied Thor and the others down to Jötunheim. It was there that he would become first suspicious of his true parentage.

After Thor was banished to earth as punishment for his pride and childish petty ways, Loki played the part of the bereaved brother while secretly rejoicing in having Thor removed from the line of succession. Confronting Odin, Loki was shocked and disgusted to learn the truth of his origins and it helped cement the cold rage and hate he bears towards Thor. When Odin fell into the Odinsleep, Loki took advantage of the Allfather’s absence to crown himself king of Asgard. After making a secret pact with the Frost Giants to assassinate Odin but he ultimately betrayed his father Laufey in order to make himself appear heroic in the eyes of the Asgardians.

Loki sent the Destroyer to kill Thor and in doing so, Thor proved himself worthy once more and regained his Godhood. Thor returned to Asgard just as Loki was putting into play his final gambit in his own game for power; the complete destruction of Jotenheim. Thor confronted his brother about his deceptions and they fought bitterly. Loki used all of his trickery and cunning but was unable to overcome Thor’s brute strength. Finally taking to the Bifrost with his hammer Mjolnir, Thor destroyed the Rainbow Bridge to keep it from annihilating Jötunheim.

In the explosion of power, both Loki and Thor were knocked off the Bifrost and would have plummeted out into space if not for the timely intervention of Odin. Realizing his plans were becoming unraveled, he let go of his spear and fell into nothingness, seemingly killed.

And as his family mourned his passing, Loki who was very much alive recouped his powers and began to plot once again.

Disclaimer: Mun and Character are both over the age of 21. This is an RP account, Mun is not affiliated with Marvel or Tom Hiddleston in any way.

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